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HPA GroupYou can support HPA by direct donation or by volunteering for us…

Right from the start, HPA benefited from and remains grateful to volunteers of all ages and from all backgrounds who give up their time and energies to help make play events for children inclusive, enjoyable and successful. In these difficult times for voluntary organisations, volunteers are not an optional extra but essential for helping HPA create fun play opportunities for local children, experiences that parents, carers and grandparents can then take back into their own neighbourhoods.

So what do you get out of volunteering for HPA? Volunteering is about individuals giving something worthwhile back to society, and in HPA’s case, to children and families. But volunteering is also a great way for teams to come together and get to know each other, away from computer screens, phones and desks. People find hidden talents they did not think they had. Everyone leaves at the end of the day tired but satisfied and with big smiles on their faces – and usually wanting to come back for more.


“Indeed, it was a great experience to volunteer with HPA.
One thing I like about volunteering is that, volunteers are always able to take initiatives and work on their own ideas, and improve their skills.
In fact I’ve gained a lot more skills and learned a lot more whilst volunteering with HPA, than what I’ve learned in McDonald’s.
I would highly recommend HPA”.

Thanks again for everything Nolan Trindade July 2016